Get Involved

Benefits to volunteering with NJveg include:

  • Promoting a plant-based diet and vegan values
  • The satisfaction of working with an organization that shares your ideals
  • Meeting and having fun with like-minded people
  • Access to limited-admission events

Some of the ways you can volunteer for NJveg (please note that some of these may not currently be needed):

  • Outreach:  Educate the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet by handing out literature and speaking to people at festivals and other venues
  • Outreach Planning:  Find libraries, festivals, and other venues for outreach, and find speakers, films, etc. for the venues
  • Vegan Chef Challenge:  Recruit restaurants, deliver material, recruit donors, and more (both in-person and remote)
  • Social Media:  Post about the group and relevant information to social media sites
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Reach out to members (and others) who have indicated an interest in volunteering 
  • Solicit Member Discounts:  Talk to restaurant owners and other vendors to solicit discounts for NJveg members
  • Newsletter/Website Content:  Contribute to our newsletter and content on our website
  • Website Assistance:  Help update and maintain NJveg’s website
  • Organize Restaurant Trips:  Organize a trip to a veg or veg-friendly restaurant
  • Event Assistance:  Help find venues, set up, run, and clean up at NJveg potlucks and other events
  • Distribute Business Cards:  Place NJveg cards in health food stores, veg-friendly restaurants, and other places
  • Vegan Bake Sales:  Bake vegan desserts for fundraisers to support various animal welfare organizations
  • Fundraising:  Help raise funds to support outreach fees and literature, including designing t-shirts, etc.
  • Nonprofit support:  Work with features from Google, Facebook, and more; write grant applications, etc. 
  • Volunteer Workdays:  Help animals at sanctuaries, and more
  • Restaurant Outreach:  Help convince restaurants to add plant-based menu items
  • Affiliates:  Find affiliates and other ways to earn money to fund NJveg’s outreach activities
  • Crosslink:  Get NJveg listed on other websites
  • Activity Development:  Come up with contests, games, etc. (especially for children) for our outreach and social activities
  • Have an idea?  Is there something else you’d like to volunteer for?  Please let us know!