New Jersey Vegan Events and Festival Info

Everyone is welcome at NJveg events:  vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious!  Our events are open to the public, except when noted as members only.

Event Ideas Are Welcome!  We hope to be able to have outreach, volunteer days, and dining events in the relatively near future.  In the interim, please send us your suggestions for walks/hikes + takeout, online activities, and anything else.  Let us know what events you are interested in.  Please send us your suggestions.

Please check your email on the day of the event for the possibility of cancellation.  If you’re not on our mailing list, you can sign up here.  We hope to see you in the near future!

NJveg upcoming events:

Socially Distanced, Masked Walk + Takeout #8 – Union County
Sunday October 25, 11am
Watchung Reservation, Union County and TBD (any suggestions?)

The eighth in our series will be at the Watchung Reservation (view park map).  Hikers will have a choice of the ~10 mile perimeter trail, or a shorter distance to be decided by the participants.  Rain date is Sunday November 1.  Appropriate social distancing and mask are required, limited to ~10 people.

As of this hike, we’ll have covered all 8 counties in central NJ!

Please RSVP to, or 609-557-7077 (text/voice).

Socially Distanced, Masked Walk + Takeout #9 – Burlington County
Saturday November 7, 1pm
Crystal Lake Park, Mansfield and Properly Fueled, Bordentown

The ninth in our series will be at Crystal Lake Park in Mansfield (view park info).  We’re planning on a hike of ~3-4 miles.  Optional:  get takeout lunch from vegan-friendly Properly Fueled in Bordentown at noon.  Order online and schedule your pickup, then meet in the park’s parking lot around 12:30 to eat.  We suggest bringing a chair and/or small table.  Rain date is Sunday November 8.

Please RSVP to, or 609-557-7077 (text/voice).

Online Meetup #5
Sunday November 15, 7pm

Another opportunity just to say hello, or chat for a while.  A favorite topic is “what I’m eating during the pandemic”, but anything relevant is welcome.  A Google Hangouts Meet link and dial-in info will be sent to all who RSVP.

Please RSVP to, or 609-557-7077 (text).

Educational Outreach – Georgian Court University Virtual Wellness Expo
Saturday November 21, time TBD

Details TBD.

Socially Distanced, Masked Walk + Takeout #10
Saturday November 21 or Sunday November 22, time TBD
Location TBD

The tenth in our series will be at a location to be selected.  Suggestions welcome!  Rain date is Sunday November 22 or TBD.

Please RSVP to, or 609-557-7077 (text/voice).

Additional events planned or in the works, post-pandemic (venue suggestions needed):

  • Educational outreach (volunteers needed)
  • Volunteer work days
  • Meetups at vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants
  • Vegan potlucks (and game parties)
  • Vegan bake sale to benefit an animal rescue or sanctuary
  • Catered gourmet vegan meals
    • Rowan College Burlington County Culinary Arts Center, Mt Holly (TBD)
    • Lady and the Shallot, Trenton (TBD)
  • Historic tour/hike or walk/other activity and lunch/dinner
  • Speakers

Please let us know what you’re interested in.  Contact us at  or  609-557-7077 (text/voice).

View our previous events here.

Below you will find our Facebook events calendar.

You may click on the events to RSVP.  We are sharing events all around the state of New Jersey.