About NJveg

NJveg was founded in 2018.  We were incorporated with the State of New Jersey on July 8, and received our IRS 501(c)(3) determination on July 13.  Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 83-0619118.  Our roots go back to the Central Jersey Vegetarian Group (CJVG, founded in 1995), and the Vegetarian Society of New Jersey (VSNJ).

NJveg events are held throughout New Jersey.

Educational Outreach

NJveg answers questions and provides free literature on the benefits of a plant-based diet at street fairs and other events.

Volunteer Work Days

NJveg helps out vegan non-profit animal sanctuaries with a variety of tasks.

Speakers and Demos

NJveg provides programs with speakers on the benefits of a plant-based life style, cooking demos, and more.

Hiking/Walking + Vegan Dining

NJveg has year-round hikes and walks combined with vegan dining before or after.

Vegan Potlucks

NJveg has vegan potluck meals and picnics.

Vegan Gourmet Dining

NJveg has catered gourmet vegan meals at restaurants and culinary schools.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get involved?

As an all-volunteer nonprofit, volunteers are needed for all of our events and for a lot of behind the scenes activities.  Visit our Get Involved page to find out how you can help!

How can I become an NJveg member?

NJveg has a variety of membership options and levels.  The modest annual dues support our programs.  Join or renew here.

How can I find out about NJveg events?
  • NJveg’s Event Calendar is the official list of all our upcoming events
  • Our weekly e-newsletter (sign up here) lists events coming up soon, provides info and photos from past events, and additional info such as recipes
  • NJveg’s Meetup lists many of our events, and lets you RSVP
Where is NJveg on social media?
Do I need to be vegan to participate?

No, all are welcome!  We just ask that you be vegan at our events.

Can I suggest an event or venue?

Yes!  We want – and need – suggestions.

Our Board of Trustees

  • Steve Fenster, Founder, President, Treasurer (2018 – 2025)
  • Lorraine Bal, Vice President (2018 – 2025)
  • Cherise Daly (2022 – 2026)
  • Lisa Bandelli, Secretary (2022 – 2026)
  • Theresa Anderson (2023 – 2024)

Trustees serve an initial 1-year term, and can be re-elected for additional 3-year terms.  Trustee qualifications:  age 18+, NJveg member for at least 2 consecutive years, active NJveg volunteer, vegan.  Board of Trustee Officers are elected for a 1-year term.